Helping Rebuild a Industry…

Did you know that for every one tradesperson that joins the industry, three retire? Or perhaps that the current average age for people in the trades is 55 years old?

It is estimated that by 2030 over 79 million skilled tradesmen will retire.

With above average incomes available, flexible scheduling, and freedom to lead the life you want to lead… What are you waiting for?

Our How-To Videos will teach you real world skills, and our podcast will cover business systems and mindset. We’ve got you covered with everything you need to start and thrive in your handyman business today!

Hi, my name is Jeremy (Jim) Lewis.

I am a down to earth guy who loves working with his hands, fixing broken things and problem solving. I have owned my Handyman business since October 2018 and I have had the privilege and pride to work with hundreds of amazing homeowners between Arizona where we started our business and Ohio where we live now. When I am not working on my Handyman business I am here building out Handyman Academy for you.

Outside of the industry, I enjoy riding my motorcycle, playing Farming Simulator and other videogames with my wife Cait and walking our old German Shephard Atlas.

Cait (left) and Jeremy (right) after watching their uHaul uBox leave with all of their belongings, starting their adventure to Arizona.

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