Who We Are

Where it started
Who would have thought that my mother-in-law’s connection would lead me on a career path I never expected? Certainly, not me.

As a laborer with a home remodeling company, I started by cleaning job sites. Knowing nothing, but eager to learn I was quickly taken under the wing of the foreman. With hard work and time, I learned a valuable set of skills that would change the trajectory of my professional life. After 5 years of learning, I started my own business.

Yes, I’m a handyman. An introverted handyman…But what I really do is solve problems for a living. Customers call with a problem, and I troubleshoot to solve that problem. Approaching my business in this way has helped me earn the trust and referrals of my customers.

The business of building a business
Through trial and error, and even a few geographical locations, I was able to operate my business earning an above-average income and working in a way that was in sync with the lifestyle I wanted to live. The moves my wife and I made allowed me to home in on what was needed to build the business end of my business. Leaving my business in Arizona to move to Ohio forced me to understand what was needed to build my business success as I now needed to re-create all my business foundations in a new location. After a bit of frustration, things began going well. When we decided to move to Ohio I did so with a clear picture that I would need to rebuild my business in a different place. Using the prior experience I had from doing this I was able to yet again re-build a thriving handyman business in a new location.

My early on-the-job training was the single biggest resource for me in learning the skills I needed to accomplish the actual handyman jobs I would be doing later in my career. I did not attend trade school. Everything I learned was from practical, hands-on experience as well as learning where to look to find the resources I needed to problem solve for my customers.

Handyman Academy is born
We hear constantly about the shortage of people going into the trades. I’ve seen this to be true by the sheer number of calls that I receive showing a high demand for the services I offer. I get questions about how to get into becoming a handyman, and how to work the business sustainably. The more I thought about these things the more I realized that my experiences in the industry have placed me in a position to be able to help others. I launched the Handyman Academy as a way to be able to teach others how to scale their own handyman businesses. It’s more than just learning the “how to” skills. Knowing how to do things correctly, safely, and highly skilled is of the utmost importance. Somehow though the business side of the handyman business always seems neglected. No one is discussing how to find clients, how to make a steady income, how to understand what services are needed in your area, or how to network efficiently. These are just some of the topics we will dive into here at Handyman Academy.

I’m so glad you’ve come to check out our page. I hope you’ll sign up to stay connected to the valuable resources I will continue to share. Together, we can grow your business into the realistic dream you never knew it could be.

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